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Re: [IPp] Diabetes Research Conference

Dear Sarah,

OK!!!!!  YEAH!!!!!  I wish I knew what the place looks like so I could
say....let's meet at such and such a place.  I do have an idea though, we
could all meet up in the left side of the back of the conference room
before they welcome everyone.  Maybe we could all wear the same color
shirt or something to make us more recognizeable.  I am so glad you are
coming.  We are all going to have so much fun!


Cindy, pump mom to Jessy (8) dx 1/02, Julie (4)non diab. and Trevor
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will be there for sure! I am going with both of my kids (who >are crazy
right now with excitement) and my mom is coming too! I am very >very
excited. We are going to drive to NJ to stay with my relatives from Fri.
>to Sat. and get up early Sat morning and drive the hour to NY. On Sat.
we >are going to stay The Waldorf Astoria until Sunday and then spend the
day in >the city and drive home. A VERY generous friend is putting us up
in the >Waldorf Astoria and I couldn't be more thankful! >So you look for
me too. I am 5'3, blonde hair past my shoulders, blue eyes. >Matthew is
also blonde and blue and resembles the boy from the movie Jerry >Maguire.
My daughter has brown hair and brown eyes and is a bean pole...she >is so
tiny. lol >I will look for you too. >Sarah :)
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