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Re: [IPp] Attendance at school.

In a message dated 10/8/02 2:04:40 AM Central Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> So,  (sorry so long)  here is the question,  how many of  your children,
> or you personally when younger,  had difficulties with attending school?
> Hubby is afraid we are setting him up for failure as an adult!    We're on
> the verge of giving up on the system and homeschooling until high school,
> though I hate to give up.   He has no friends near our home except girls.
> He needs to socially interact with his peers at school.    So, are we
> the unusual case?   Or, do/have some of you dealt with this?

If it were me, I would contact the State Education agency and file a 
complaint.....as to are you the only one? NO! Even in our good school it 
seems I am explaining and reexplaining all the time every day.....perhaps, 
after you talk with the State folks you can get a meeting and retrain the 
world....as to when he is an adult? I think he is not an adult yet :-) and 
you are setting a good example of how to assert your rights and not allow 
yourself to be mistreated....JMO......and I have a large stick if you need to 
borrow it to knock some sense into these school *professionals*.....good 
Beverly, Mom to Mary, NINE!!, dx'd 9/97, pumping with Animas and Nick, who is 
now ten!
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