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Re: [IPp] lancets

Dear Karen,

We use the one touch ultra.  We have used several others, however Jessy
prefers the one touch ultra.  Yes, her finger looks horrible, but that is
becuase she will only use the one finger.  Doctor's have talked to her
about it, we've talked to her about it, she is just bent and determined
to use that one finger.  She does switch sides on that finger at least.


Cindy, pump mom to Jessy (8) dx 1/02, Julie (4)non diab. and Trevor
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question here. >Which lancets are your kids using? Lauren used the
Softclix for a while, >but the button is harder for her to push and
because the lancets are >thinner they are harder for her to change. We
have been using the one >touch (comes with the ultra meter), but Lauren's
fingertips are looking >bad. We are not testing that much more than
before pumping, so I think >it has to do more with the lancet than with
the frequency of testing. We >are looking for something gentle like the
softclix but easeier for a kid >to use. I read the comparisons on CWD
website, but would appreciate some >opinions from other parents. >Thanks
>Karen >(mom to Lauren, 6, dx'd 11/00, pumping 5/02, and Megan, 4) >
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