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RE: [IPp] Attendance at school.

Oh my barbara, you have your hands full, the only suggestion I have from
reading your post is to look into programs your school has for home
tuturing,  my daughter missed quite  a bit of school (non diabetes related)
a couple of years ago, she had mono, and strep, and pneumonia etc. etc.  but
they sent a teacher/teacher aide, a couple days a week to help her get
caught up on her work.  I think after they miss a certain amount of days you
qualify, atleast that is how it works in Pa.  I would try working harder
with the school to see if they can help you out.
Good luck
Mom to Katie 10 Jessica 13 both type 1 and pumping

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My hubby asked me to post to the lists tonight regarding an arguement
we were having earlier.

Our son is in 7th grade (middle school).   Last year when he started
there he had an okay fall,  but stress related to his grandmothers
deterioration from cancer and then death in December,  plus stress
from living with me who was totally messed up at that time,  mixed in
with........HORMONES for the first time, created HAVOC!     He started
missing lots of school in December,  and by mid January quit attending
school altogether.    He was in and out of DKA for the next month.   And
yes, he was diagnosed as being in that state by two hospitals,  but
was never admitted as even with all the vomiting we could eventually
get it stopped each time and fluids pushed orally.    His PH levels were
low,  blood sugars were off the charts,   we spent a lot of days hanging
out at hospitals Endo floor,  but avoided the ER each time.

He started pumping 2/15/02,  but due to nonsence from his school,  he was
kept from returning until after spring break the beginning of April.   By
time,  he was so stressed/freaked out by the administration and nursing
team that he couldn't even think about school without causing his blood
sugars to double.   Attending school for even an hour guaranteed a
tripling of his blood sugars.    Needless to say,  he stayed home the rest
of the year.

NOW,  even though we implemented new plans to keep him from nurses
claws,  (testing himself in the classroom,  bolusing himself for
doing his own carb calculations on his meal choices, etc.),  the year
is quickly falling apart again.    He was healthy as a horse all summer!
No bad numbers unless his site failed.

Then school starts and he picks up two viruses the first two weeks, misses
a few days each time.    We've been in school since 8/19 and he has
caught about 5 viruses,  plus a sinus infection so far.    And his hormones
might have taken off again the last week or so.    Plus,  they started
messing with the interpretation of his IEP and started denying access
to homework until he was out for three COMPLETE days in a row (doesn't
count day you are sent home sick.    Zachary struggles with a learning
disability which has him reading/writing at about 15-18 months below his
grade level, though his comprehension for things explained well or orally
learned is at the grade level.

Due to not getting work,  we are about 1 1/2 weeks behind the other
students.    He can't take tests at home and they are piling up.   He
developing what we thought was an ear infection two weeks ago,  but
the Ped diagnosed it as stress/tension headaches.    Untreated these
lead to his migraines.

So,  (sorry so long)  here is the question,  how many of  your children,
or you personally when younger,  had difficulties with attending school?
Hubby is afraid we are setting him up for failure as an adult!    We're on
the verge of giving up on the system and homeschooling until high school,
though I hate to give up.   He has no friends near our home except girls.
He needs to socially interact with his peers at school.    So, are we
the unusual case?   Or, do/have some of you dealt with this?

And when do boys quit being so hormonal?   (Only used to dealing
with hormonal teenage girls!  LOL)


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