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[IPp] Good News, Bad News

Dear All,

I've got both good news and bad news for you.  The good news first. 
Jessy had a CAT Scan done today for her headaches.  It seems she is
suffering from chronic sinusitus.  The doc is putting her on antibiotics
and a decongestion medication for 3 weeks.  If this doesn't clear the
problem up (which the doc is 99.9% sure that it will) we will have to see
a nuerologist.  The doc has diagnosed her several times (since she
started going to that school) with sinusitus.  How much do you all want
to bet that it is caused from the mold in the rugs there at the school? 
By the way, she had not one headache all summer!  It only happens duri9ng
the school year.

Now for the bad news (I really should call it infuriating news)  I got a
letter today from the head of the child study team.  In this letter, she
states "This letter is to serve as follow up to our telephone
communication in which the following mutually-convenient time was
scheduled with you......"  I NEVER spoke to the woman!!!!!!  Not over the
phone, not face to face....NEVER!  I, of course wrote letters to my
lawyer, the principal and the stupidentendent, stating that fact.  Also,
I had been quite clear on Jessy's basis for the IEP only being because of
Other Health Impaired.  Well, this letter says "Our office received a
request from the Pupil Assistance Commitee for a child study team
evaluation for your child, due to the following difficulties: medical and
academic.  Oh I about screamed!  I mentioned that in my letter too.  I
spoke to my lawyer, this woman is in over her head at this point, but in
the meantime my law! yer asked me to get and review all of Jessy's
educational records and any documents that form the basis for the
"academic concerns" she states in the letter.  Oh, I requested them
alright, I told them I want them by Friday, along with a signed 504 in my
hands to protect Jessy until the IEP can be written to my standards. 
What is wrong with these people?  They are sooooo underhanded, and the
head of the child study team outright lied about talking to me!  Oh I
need to vent something fierce right now!  I am so sick of all this crap! 
I think my lawyer is pretty angry at this point too.  I can see this
going to court now because of their stalling and lying tactics. 
ARGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!  OK, I feel better now.  Thanks for listening to me
vent........and by the way, I have been told by Jessy's teachers, that
Jessy is either average or above average in all of her subject, so there
should be no basis to this academic crap they are ! trying to pull!


Cindy, pump mom to Jessy (8) dx 1/02, Julie (4)non diab. and Trevor
(1)non diab.


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