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Re: [IPp] Definition of DKA and how to know

Hmmm...this is the exact quote off their page at:
"The patient who does not have persistent vomiting,
with a pH >7.25, can be treated and observed in the
emergency room over a few hours without hospital

I emphasize "can be treated and observed in the
emergency room...without hospital admission." There is
a *big* difference in being treated at home without
hospital admission and being treated in the emergency
room without hospital admission. In the ER you can be
observed closely, as is needed with acidosis. *Nowhere*
does this page say you can be treated at home for DKA
without a hospital admission, but your paraphrasing
implies this.

Take care, Kerri
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Barbara said:
The same article I quoted also says that if a patient
can tolerate fluids, mild DKA (a pH greater than 7.25)
can be treated without a hospital admission.
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