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[IPp] Definition of DKA and how to know

I posted these same definitions (most I've seen though
say a bg over 300mg/dL) not long ago so I'm very
familiar with what DKA entails. I want to clarify
something that I said though, that may have been
misunderstood. The mildness, moderateness, or severity
of the DKA is determined by the degree of acidosis. DKA
can't be treated at home. Some have been treated in an
emergency room setting. It's the acidosis part that
necessitates close observation and treatment with IV
hydration. Hydrating too fast with fluids can create
swelling in the brain. This doesn't happen with normal
high bgs and ketones, but when acidosis is also
present, because the sodium and electrolytes are
shifting. Dr Spot recently talked about DKA on the main
list and pretty much said the same thing (more
technical). I can guarantee you if your child has DKA
you will not only know it but they will feel it. They
don't have to be newly dx'd DKA to feel badly from it.
The ketones create an acidic, toxic environment in the
body which makes you feel bad. DKA is DKA, no matter
when it presents. The only difference in how sick
someone else is from it is the degree of acidosis. My
point about my daughter was that by definition she was
in mild DKA but was still pretty bad off. Severe DKA
can kill you. You'll definitely know the difference. If
you can treat it at home it isn't DKA. Please discuss
this with your own healthcare team.

I can't say whether or not your child had DKA as I
wasn't there. The dr could have been wrong and she
could've had mild DKA. But also, too many people toss
the term DKA around when it really isn't full blown
DKA. We owe it to any newbies not to do that and be
correct with our facts. I've looked into this at length
and talked to our endo and others. It isn't something
I'm pulling out of the air, or just my opinion, I can
assure you.

Take care, Kerri
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