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[IPp] Re: ketone scales

> <<I saw the chart you describe (on the cwd site as well), but I am trying to
> get a connection from that chart (and related numbers) to the scale on the
> urine strip bottle.  I didn't think that we could just convert the mmol (in
> blood) to mg/dl (in urine) for comparison.  I assumed that the
> concentrations might be very different.  Does anyone else know anything
> about this?>>

I phoned Medisense today to ask about this.  They said they would send me the 
chart (I didn't get one with our meter) and some other information about 
blood ketones.  I told the lady on the phone that I wanted something so I 
could educate the doctors -- she had a good laugh about that. 

However, she wasn't too clear about the link between the blood ketone 
readings and the urine Ketostix reading, and didn't answer my question about 
the number on the Xtra meter equating to the number associated with the 
colour of the ketostix.  Here in Canada, our ketostix have both number 
scales, mmol/L and mg/dL, underneath the colours.  

I think those shades of pink on the ketostix can't really be deciphered 

I did see the Medisense chart on their website today--you can find it here:   

According to them, anything greater than 3.0 in blood ketones is consistent 
with metabolic acidosis and you should "Strongly consider emergency 
intervention".  When Claire was in DKA in August, her blood ketones were 2.6 
when I first checked her in the morning; up to 3.2 ninety minutes later, and 
3.3 a couple of hours after that (didn't check again until the next day).  

I did not really know what the blood ketone numbers meant last month, I just 
knew that number was too high.   If I receive anything of interest from 
Medisense, I'll report it here.  

Barbara, Mum of Claire 8 
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