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Re: [IPp] Fwd: Re: What I'd like to do at this point

Dear Sarah,

I buckled under (for Jessy's sake....and NOT because I got reamed out)
and sent Jessy to school today.  I know that the nurse, who is
incredible, will fullfill her professional obligation, if no one else
will, and she is all that matters at this point!

My lawyer said the same thing as you, Sarah, let them try to take us to
court for truancy......then they would have to do a song and a dance as
to why the 504 was never signed, after I took the time (all summer) to
write it up!  They would be laughed out of court!  At this point, Jessy
has to miss Friday (endo appointment) and again on Monday (another
pediatrician appointment for her headaches....if it can wait that long,
last night her right arm went numb with the headache)  so she really only
has to go today and tomorrow without the 504 being signed because I have
been assured (LOL) that it will be signed next week.  I believe they are
shaking in their shoes at this point because the lawyer is talking about
going to the Office of Administration to assure this thing gets signed!

These people are IDIOTS!  Pure and simple.  They are out to cover their
own butts, no matter who it harms in the process.  The tables are turning
now, I am not the same dumb Mom as last year that they had to deal with,
and I am ready to battle, my guns are loaded and I am aiming them at the
stupidentendent and the principal (who loved me last year when he wanted
to use me to get rid of the nurse there, who was awful, and I mean REALLY
awful)....now that she is gone, I am just a thorn in his side.  Oh well,
that is life!


Cindy, pump mom to Jessy (8) dx 1/02, Julie (4)non diab. and Trevor
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superintendent reamed you a new one for not sending Jessy to school??? >I
would have said to him, "Damn straight I didn't send my daughter to
school. >Would you compromise the safety of your own child Mr. So and
So?? Until you >get me a plan that is acceptable to not only myself but
my daughters Endo, >than she will not be returning, and who will look
stupid in a court of a law? >YOU Mr. So and So!!! I have been running in
circles with you people and not >one of you can guarantee me that my
daughter will not only be safe while at >school but will be able to stay
as normal as possible and give her the chance >to show how responsible
she is with this dreadful disease. Let me hook YOU >up to an insulin pump
Mr So and So and see how you like being "attached" to >something 24-7,
having your LIFE depend on it. Until I get the full >cooperation of this
school she will be at home where I know she is SAFE! And >I'll see you in
court. GOOD BYE" >Boy...that felt so good!!! lol > > >Sarah :) Mom to
Matthew (6) MM Paradigm since May 2002, dxd 3/99 and >Victoria (7)
Non-D...Love My kids!
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