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Re: [IPp] Ketone Scales?

In a message dated 10/1/2002 3:44:34 PM Mountain Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> I am not sure how to calculate it, but I have been told by our endo that 
> testing for ketones in urine is more accurate...?? Anyone know if this is 
> true?

I've been told by SEVERAL docs/CDEs that the meter is FAR more accurate and 
timely.  First because it's digital measurement system is more accurate than 
a "strip" test (and less likely to have problems with contamination etc.) -- 
but mostly because it's measuring the actual level of ketones in the blood 
stream right at the time of the test, rather than simply what has spilled 
into the urine since the last time the individual urinated. 

With testing urine ketones, you could show higher ketones than is actually 
the current level if the person hasn't urinated for a number of hours (but 
you've been treating the ketones with insulin) -OR- ketones could not yet 
have spilled into the urine if the ketone level has just recently reached 
measurable level.  Either way, a real time measurement of what's going on in 
the bloodstream gives you better )more current & accurate) data to base 
treatment decisions on than urine testing data . . . That's what I've been 
told.  It makes sense to me.  Plus, my daughter is FAR more willing to do an 
extra finger poke to check her ketones than she is to go "pee on a stick" 
(which she hates) -- so, at least in her case, the meter data is undoubtedly 
better than no data at all . . .

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