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[IPp] Re: Ketone scales

> Somewhere in the stuff that comes in the meter box was a little pamphlet 
> that had a scale that was red, yellow and green (I think) and it had the 
> range of numeric equivalents (that will show on your meter) for those 
> colors.  At least, this was the case in our meter box.

It wasn't in the meter box I received in Canada.  So I have just figured that 
a 0.0 or very low number is much better than a higher number!!  And then 
watched that the number declined.  I too would like more explanation--which 
has just given me the idea to call the company and ask.  They must have 
something to send out.

BTW when Claire was in hospital last month, one doctor said he knew nothing 
about those blood ketone numbers either, so he said to just use the urine 
ketostix.   But they are way behind real time ketone production.

Barbara, Mum of Claire 8
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