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Re: [IPp] Ketone Scales?

In a message dated 10/1/2002 12:52:16 PM Mountain Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> According to an insert that came 
> with our precision Xtra meter.....below 0.6 mmol/l is normal, 0.6-1.5 
> mmol/l 
> "may indicate the development of a problem that may require medical 
> assistance" and above 1.5 mmol/l may "indicate you many be at risk of 
> developing DKA" 

Our CDE told us to say "trace to small ketones" for 0.6 to 1.5 on the Xtra  
and "moderate to large ketones" for anything over 1.5 when talking to any 
medical professionals about results we get on the Xtra blood ketone tests.  
Her logic was that most endos end certainly almost all non-diabetes 
specializing docs & nurses are more familiar with the ketostix terminology so 
it was better to use it unless we knew the person we were talking with was 
familiar with the numeric results on the Xtra.  Since Katie's never had more 
than trace even at diagnosis (let alone since we got the Xtra meter where the 
highest we've ever gotten was a 0.2) we haven't had to act on this advice, 
but it makes sense to me . . .

Pumpmama to Katie
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