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Re: [IPp] leaving the group

Dear Wendy,

It sounds to me like you need us more than ever right now.  We, as a
group are here for you.  We don't want you to leave.....none of us.  You
have done such a wonderful job as a step parent, not many people would be
as incredible as you.  Your step daughter will soon find out that the
grass isn't always greener on the other side, she will, once again, need
you and your expertise.  Don't leave the group.  Cry to us, we are here
for you!!!!!


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everything has fallen apart here. Megan decided after 2 nights of going
out to eat with her mom(different weeks)that she wanted to live with mom.
Jim and I fought it at first, then I was hospitalized and Jim let her go
while I was in the hospital. So she is living with mom. Mom has had no
pump training. So things could be bad. But, I can't dwell on that I did
everything in my power to keep her here. She will be coming this weekend
for a visit. and I will try to get her dad and her to keep up visits
every other weekend. So I guess I need to leave the group. I am very
depressed and don't want to bring people that are dealing with a diabetic
child and a pump down. I am in treatment for the depression and will be
ok. Thanks for all the help when we needed it the most. > >Wendy > >
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