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[IPn] How it all began

Yesterday a member asked me to write a little blurb about how Insulin
Pumpers got started so here goes.

When my daughter Lily was 11, she was dx'd with diabetes a couple of 
days after her 11th birthday (July 1), not such a good b'day present.

A month later we went on a family camping trip to the American River 
in the Sierra foothills. When we arrived I noticed the gentleman in 
the next camp site had this odd - square sunburned patch on his belly 
about 2 inches square. It slipped from my mind, however a couple of 
days later Lily's younger sister Daisy ran up to me and said "Daddy, 
Daddy, the man in the camp site next to us has diabetes like Lily". 
Well being "exceptionally" curious 'cause I'd never spoken to anyone 
that had diabetes, I went over and introduced myself. We chatted for 
about a half hour during which time he never mention an insulin pump. 

My curiosity about the small square sunburned spot rose up again so I 
asked him about it and he replied "that's where my infusion set for 
my insulin pump was, I forgot to put on sun screen when I removed 

Well my mind was whirling at that point and the next question I asked
was "what's and insulin pump?"

More tomorrow.

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My best regards,
Michael Robinton
Executive Director

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