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Re: [IPp] Thanks for the support

> Thanks all of you who took the time to send me encouraging words, It
> is so hard somedays,and it is nice to know someone understands, we
> are not getting 
>  alot of support for the Dr's office(too busy) and we are having
>  trouble with
> the
> Cannula , my son is thin and muscular (5-3,and 105 lbs) and is using
> the 6mm Quick-set ,but we are having to change the site everyday,
> because of highs and when we used his upper buttocks, his underwear
> pulled it out! Are silouettes what we need? and he is eating more
> but covering with bolus, but they say to 
>  change the site if he is over 240,and the bolus doesn't bring his
>  BS down in an
> hour and a half,we have changed it everyday so Far! I'm listening,so
> send me any thing you think would help!   

Hi Kayla,

Silohuettes will probably say in better, Lily switched to them a 
number of years ago because she got tired of ther SofSets coming out. 
Also, be aware that kids his age can have rapidly increased basal and 
overall insulin needs when they go into a growth spurt. It's not 
unusual to see a long term (weeks) increase of insulin needs of 50% 
or more in just a day or two.

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