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Re: [IPp] Thanks for the support

I know this is not the solution for everyone, but after LOTS of site
problems in a short period of time, we switched to the Disetronic Rapid D
site.  It has a 6 mm or 9 mm needle that stays in the body instead of a
Teflon cannula.  You may think that this would hurt, but my 4-year-old
totally prefers these sites (so quick to put in, just like a little
injection) and I don't have to worry about a kinked catheter.  With so
many other variables fogging the picture, it is nice to get rid of ONE
variable, at least until you can get other things settled.  If you decide
to use it, make sure you get the Rapid D.  The plain Rapid does not have
a site disconnect, which is a huge pain.  The way the Rapid D works is
you get a box of 5 tubes and 15 sites.  You change the site (at least in
theory) every two days and change the tubing every 6.  We don't plan to
use any other site - at least not until we can get our hands on the patch
which I think will work even better with our lean, active 4-year-old.

Good luck!

-Natalie Rodgers
Mom to Andrea 4 (dx 1/28/03, pumping Cozmo 10/2/03),
             Alicia 2, and Carlos 5 months
Married to Tom for over 7 fabulous years
Salt Lake City, UT

On Sun, 23 Nov 2003 20:24:28 EST email @ redacted writes:
> Thanks all of you who took the time to send me encouraging words, It 
> is so 
> hard somedays,and it is nice to know someone understands, we are not 
> getting 
>  alot of support for the Dr's office(too busy) and we are having 
> trouble with
> the
> Cannula , my son is thin and muscular (5-3,and 105 lbs) and is using 
> the 6mm 
> Quick-set ,but we are having to change the site everyday, because of 
> highs and 
> when we used his upper buttocks, his underwear pulled it out! Are 
> silouettes 
> what we need? and he is eating more but covering with bolus, but 
> they say to 
>  change the site if he is over 240,and the bolus doesn't bring his 
> BS down in an
> hour and a half,we have changed it everyday so Far! I'm listening,so 
> send me 
> any thing you think would help!   
>                                                    Thanks,           
> Kayla
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