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[IPp] Re: Scott forgetting to bolus

Hey Kayla, I promise it will get easier, but probably not perfect. My son, 
Jake, is going to be 13 in December and forgets to bolus lately. Especially if 
he is low at meal or snack time and is gonna wait a little while to bolus. The 
new paradigm will remind him to check and bolus later, but I can't get him to 
set it. Jake has been diabetic since age 3 and pumping for 2 1/2 years and 
 says he will never go back to shots. I think he has girls on the brain , and is
just absentminded lately. Not only does he forget to bolus sometimes, he has 
been known to get to school(jr high) without his backpack and much more 
 recently! As far as the sites coming out, we had trouble with that too the
first month
and almost stopped pumping. Someone on this list told me to try Novolog 
 insulin and Quicksets and it fixed everything for us. We never lose a sight
and I have to watch Jake or he'll live them in too long. He always showers 
 and changes his sight while his skin is still warm and moist. He plays
baseball, and swims and we very seldom have a sight come out. We are 
 fortunate and don't have to use any tegaderm or gluestuff. The novalog has also
been a
Godsend. We had used Humalog for years in his shots, but it would not work in 
the pump for us. The site would get really red and pussy looking and his bg's 
would go sky high by day 2 of a site. I hope some of this may help, and tell 
him it will get easier to remember what all to do. Trena (mom to Jake 12)
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