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Re: [IPp] Re: pop-digest V1 #489

We started  the 512 just a little over a month ago and have also had a site
come out [while sleeping] replacement of the meter [BDLink] because of
repeated E3Errors, changing the site more than every other day because of
blood or itching, hi's and lo's mostly caused by eating PIZZA or other hi
fat foods and not using the bolus square or dual option ,I'm sure I am
forgetting a few things too. Everytime any one of these things happened I
lost sleep and was a wreck all day. But I would not go back to shot for
anything. We hated the shots and had many problems with them as well. The
biggest being her numbers. The control was awful and the meal plan, constant
snacks etc. were all the worst. We would not like to go back. I asked my
daughter who is 12 what she would say to a 13year old boy just starting out
and having a few problems with his new pump and she said " Tell him to give
it a month, that's how long it took me to get used to it attached to me all
the time."  When  asked which she would pick if she had a choice when first
diagnosed knowing what she knows now and having had shots for a year and a
half she said " I choose not to have diabetes at all."  God love her!  So my
advise to you    is  this, give it some time, pray for a cure and get some
sleep. Your not alone and it WILL get easier.
Jill also told me that a new puppy or kitten would help ! She got a puppy
when dx. and the two of them have a special bond. Just a thought from my 12
year old.
Best of luck,
Lori, mom to Jill 12 dx 4/02 pumping since 10/21/03 paradigm 512 and Jianna
14 non D
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> My son Scott,13, started on his minimed Paradigm on Wednesday, and has had
> one site fall out and has forgotten to bolus at snack and the wrong bolus
at a
> correction bolus, I'm not getting any sleep and needed to vent ! Tell me
> will get easier ,all the math problems are crazy! I'm trying to be patient
>  how long does it take to get used to the pump,and all the figuring . Any
> would be appreciated!
>                                                  Kayla
>                                                  Mom to Scott DX 1/02,and
> Katie,5 non-D
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