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Re: [IPp] The BEST PUMP!!!

Natalie -

 << It will also make it so you cannot turn off / suspend the pump without the
code when you are using the lock out feature. >>

 Joshua suspended the pump twice during his pump start in June. The CDE (a
pump-user herself) called Deltec to "comment" on this feature. Since then,
Joshua has suspended the pump at least 5x. Fortunately, the pump alarms in
"suspension mode". This & the 200 or more correction, the 50 carb/1 unit ratio
were all issues - directed to Deltec. I am happy to see that Deltec is addresses
these issues even though they no longer effect Joshua.

 We never had to dilute, Joshua weighs 37 lbs & he can handle the 200/1 & 50/1
(going down now). But I personally know kids who need the lower (higher?)

 Bravo to Animas to go to .025. I, personally, would like that option as I'm
extremely conservative in my adjustments (even though I test throughout the


Mom to Joshua 3, dx'd. @ 20 mos. Pumping w/Cozmo 06/03/03,& Jessie 21
western Massachusetts

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