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Re: [IPp] Re: low numbers and not feeling well

 Okay I have a question for all the experts out there. This is an MDI question
since most of us were MDI at one time. My girlfriends son who is 24 has just
been dx'd. He is on Lantus at night and three shots of Humalog during the day.
His dilemma is this, on Friday he has a wedding. He won't be having dinner till
probably 8 o'clock. Does he take his shot before he eats his dinner then still
take the Lantus at 11:00 pm and just have a small snack when his normal dinner
would have been? Or what? I am not real sure how to answer this. We were not on
Lantus and I just want to be sure he is getting the correct info. It seems his
endo is always MIA. TIA, Barb

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