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RE: [IPp] question about basal rates

You can't base your basal rate exactly on your Ultralente units.  It may be
different because insulin is absorbed differently with a pump than with

My 4 year old daughter uses a Cozmo, and we do dilute to U50.  We had to do it
 for her correction factor, not for the basal. With the software upgrades, we'll
be able to quit diluting.  I suspect that Deltec will also be coming out with
the .025 before long, now that Animas has spent the money getting FDA approval.
They can "piggyback" on Animas' approval without having to spend the money to
get FDA approval themselves.  That's what happened with the .05 basal.  Animas
had approval, so Deltec didn't have to re-prove the data.

 Is the Animas going to have an attached meter? The Therasense meter attached to
the Cozmo is supposed to come out soon.  I think that would be handy.  Other
than that, you just have to decide between 2 really great pumps!

 Don't worry if you have to dilute. It's really no big deal. Once a month I mix
up a couple of bottles and it's there in the fridge when we need it.  In fact,
most of the time, I forget we dilute unless it's time to mix up new insulin. 

Mom to Madeline 9, Austin 7, Emma 4 dx 10/9/02 - pumping Cozmo 9/22/03, Abigail
3, Genevieve & Gracie 1 

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  We are planning to get our 4yo daughter a pump within the next couple months.
am leaning toward the Cozmo, with Animas being my 2nd choice.

 I don't yet know how to figure basal rates, etc. (I plan to read "Pumping
Insulin"  soon), but I do know that both the Animas and the Cozmo can deliver
the basal rate at an increment of 0.05u, with the new Animas (coming out next
summer) having a  0.025u delivery capability. (Cozmo has some upgrades coming
out - will their basal increment decrease?).

 Anyway, it occurred to me that this may affect my decision as to which pump we
go  with. Emily currently gets 3 units of Ultralente per day (1.5 in the
morning, 1.5 in the evening), and on an "average" (ha ha) day, she gets about 7
units of H.

My very poor understanding is that the basal would be equivalent to the
ultralente....but with 3 units being delivered over a 24-hour period, every 3
minutes, that would be 0.01u and that is less than any pump can offer, which
means we'd need to dilute insulin - is that correct?

I'm sure I'm calculating something wrong (forgive me!), which is why I'm asking
this list!


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