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[IPp] question about basal rates

 We are planning to get our 4yo daughter a pump within the next couple months. I
leaning toward the Cozmo, with Animas being my 2nd choice.

 I don't yet know how to figure basal rates, etc. (I plan to read "Pumping
 soon), but I do know that both the Animas and the Cozmo can deliver the basal
at an increment of 0.05u, with the new Animas (coming out next summer) having a
 0.025u delivery capability. (Cozmo has some upgrades coming out - will their
increment decrease?).

 Anyway, it occurred to me that this may affect my decision as to which pump we
 with. Emily currently gets 3 units of Ultralente per day (1.5 in the morning,
in the evening), and on an "average" (ha ha) day, she gets about 7 units of H.

My very poor understanding is that the basal would be equivalent to the
ultralente....but with 3 units being delivered over a 24-hour period, every 3
 minutes, that would be 0.01u and that is less than any pump can offer, which
we'd need to dilute insulin - is that correct?

I'm sure I'm calculating something wrong (forgive me!), which is why I'm asking
this list!


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