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Re: [IPp] DKA is what the dx was.

We've come to going to the hospital, but one of these days I've half a mind
not to jump in and prevent it.  I'm just not sure my son (15) would see it
as a wake up call.  Let us know how it goes!

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> DKA is what the dx was.
> It finally happened. For the first time ever my 12 yr. old had to go to
> the hospital. On Monday she said she didn't feel well, like she was
> getting a cold. Her tests were good. She went to bed at 168. Around 12
> am she woke me up and said she had thrown up. She said her bs was 86. I
> thought, ok so maybe she's getting the flu. In my half wakened state I
> stupidly told her to go back to bed. Well turns out she tested at 504
> but thought it was from her not washing her hands. So i'm thinking when
> she tested again maybe she had water on her hands. She was up all night
> throwing up. For some reason she didn't come tell me. I think she
> completely loses all common sense when she her bs is high. Anyway she
> looked like death in the morning. Pale skin , Sunken in eyes & face. The
> worst I have ever seen her. BS of HI (over 600), her pump was on &
> working fine  but the site was??? I don't know how many days old (she
> used to change it herself). So the site was infected & the canual was
> bent. I gave her a shot & changed her site. She had been sick before
> last year but I nursed her back. I know I probably could have done it
> again but I wanted her (This sounds bad & mean but....) to experience
> going to the hospital getting A 20 gage I V , Getting labs ran a few
> times & seeing how the Dr.'s & nurses reacted to her current condition.
> Kind of a wake up call, saying "hey take care of yourself this is not a
> game". They took her right back & started an IV. Ran labs & besides her
> high bs, all her labs were good except she had an acid tone level of 10.
> Normal is above 20. Does anyone have info on this?? They gave her one
> more bag on the IV then redid the acid tone test. It went up to 14 so
> they said she could go home.  If  it hadn't gone up they said they would
> admit her. She also had meds for the nausea which completely knocked her
> out. We were there 5 hrs. in the ER. Which I think was really good
> considering how busy they normally are. Hopefully it woke her up to
> reality. I'm thinking it did. She's been testing more & her bs's are
> really good.......go figure.
> Tea
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