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[IPp] Paradigm 511 latest version-Air Bubbles problem

Magically, air bubbles slip into the tubing ranging from extremely
small to up to three inches long continuously and on a daily basis.
We check at least twice a day. We wasted so much insulin in the past
that we learned to "smack" the tubing for the bubbles to rise to the
end of the "clip on" needle and do a smaller fixed prime to push those
bubbles out.  Also, when we prime a new tube, the dam prime goes so
fast it churns some of the insulin into foamy bubbles.

Before you give me your tips, this is what we do.  We let the Novolog
warm up to room temperature (sits out for at least 2-4 hours). We
"tap" (not smack) the crap out of the reservoir cartridge to get out
all the bubbles up to the top and push out these bubbles out before we
connect the tubing to the reservoir cartridge. Just a "handful" of
champagne bubbles near the neck are left. We properly secure by
twisting and locking into place the "tubing neck" into the reservoir

I smell insulin in the pump reservoir cavity but I don't see any
insulin in the pump reservoir cavity.  I wonder if the "screw" in the
pump reservoir cavity that pushes on the cartridge is causing too much
pressure on the tubing neck and reservoir cartridge and, air is
seeping in at that "neck tubing"connection" along with some insulin is
spilling into the pump reservoir cavity and, this spilled insulin is
drying before we prime in about seven days?

Finally, we did not have these problems nearly as much with the first
version of the Paradigm 511.? Before I call Minimed and make demands
for a "refurbished" pump that will probably have the same problems,
your thoughts will help me prepare for the discussion. Any mechanical
engineers out there familiar with this dam (but blessed) machine?

Larry Briand, father of Nicole 3, dx 17 months, pumping since 6/02
w/Minimed 511
Larry Briand
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