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Re: [IPp] Pen Pals

I was wondering the same thing.  My son is also 4.
Donna Chrum

Natalie G Rodgers <email @ redacted> wrote:
How young of kids are you willing to list? My daughter is 4. Obviously
she will not be writing any letters alone, but I think that she would
love to have a friend who shares some of her challenges with whom she
could exchange notes, drawings, etc.. Have you had any interest from
parents of very young pumpers?

-Natalie Rodgers
Mom to Andrea 4 (dx 1/28/03, pumping Cozmo 10/2/03),
Alicia 2, and Carlos 5 months
Married to Tom for over 7 fabulous years
Salt Lake City, UT

On Thu, 30 Oct 2003 14:46:32 -0330 "Barb Marche" 
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> I have been approached by quite a few children and parents of 
> children with
> diabetes lately who are looking for Pen Pals. I have decided to 
> create a
> central data base with the names and addresses of those who would 
> like to be
> involved or find a pen pal. I am thinking that I will work it this 
> way... I
> will gather the child's name, address, age, and possibly interests. 
> They
> will then be able to choose if they want to have their address added 
> to a
> list to be sent out to kids looking for pen pals or if they would 
> like to
> receive a list and choose who they would like to write to (of course 
> option
> three is to be both on the outgoing list and receive the list). The 
> entire
> data base will be held by me only. I will only share with those who 
> ask and
> give permission for their information to be shared.
> If you are interested in this idea or your child would like to find 
> a pen
> pal with diabetes please contact me privately.
> Thanks;
> Barb
> (mom to Liam 6yr dx3/00; eagerly awaiting the arrival of his Cozmo 
> pump and
> his pump start)
> www.diabetesadvocacy.com
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