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[IPp] Re: BD logic meter

Thanks everyone for their comments about this meter.  Based on what I've 
 heard, I will pass on getting one. We don't need another meter, unless its
to be a big improvement over what we have already.  

The Freestyle Flash is not available in Canada.  When I spoke to Therasense 
in the USA two weeks ago, they said they didn't know when it might be marketed 
here.  It took over 18 months for them to get the Freestyle into our market 
after the USA launch.  

Speaking of meters, we had a funny experience with the Ascensia Breeze meter. 
 A nurse was doing free HA1c tests on the Bayer DCA 2000 machine and was also 
demonstrating the meter in Costco two weeks ago.  So Claire and I went to get 
the HA1c done.  Thought to be polite we should at least try out the meter.  I 
asked the nurse about it's accuracy if the sample wasn't big enough and she 
assured me that it wouldn't start counting down without a sufficient sample.  
Well Claire got a huge drop of blood and the meter started.....we waited and 
waited and finally ERROR.  So she did it again, and at the same time we tested 
with her accurate Ultra.  Again, ERROR on the Ascencia.  So the nurse looks 
puzzled and gets new strips and the manual out, etc.  Claire willingly gets 
 another huge drop of blood (don't know why she was so patient that day) and
the meter gives a reading.  It was half of what the Ultra reading was!  I 
figured the sample size wasn't enough, and this was the result of that.  Nurse 
(she was a rent-a-nurse) said that wasn't possible, but that is what happened 
 with Bayer's Elite meter as well. So, I don't recommend the Ascencia to anyone.
 We also hated the DEX meter, (similar) which we had to use while we lived in 
the UK. 

Another funny thing happened with getting our replacement Freestyle meter.  
 The lady on the phone was so nice. Within a couple of days the courier brought
a big box to the door.  It felt awfully light, but hey, meters don't weigh 
much, do they?  Well the box was empty!  They had forgotten to add the meter 
into it, and had just sent an empty box to return the defective meter to the 
 company. After phoning them, they sent another meter out by courier, in another
huge box.  By then I was feeling bad, cause I could have bought another 
Freestyle for $5 Canadian.  But the new one works great and the readings are 
consistent with the first Freestyle and our Ultra One Touch.  

Barbara, Mum of Claire 9
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