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Re: [IPp] BD Logic meter

My daughter is now using the glucometer that is linked to the Paradigm 
12 insulin pump.
Except for it matching in "color" to her purple pump, it is the BD Logic 
meter.  We've only
been using about 2 months, but working nicely so far for us.  It 
definitely takes less blood than
the Lifescan Ultrasmart that we were using, but of course, we also got 
the new BD Lancets 33,
which are the smallest available.  The meter sucks up the blood quickly 
and is only 5 seconds.
We get a few errors from time to time when it doesn't grab it quickly 
enough or if we bump it
however.  The case holds the pump, lancets, and lancer nicely too.
Good luck!
Cathy, Mom to Rachel 11, dx diabetes 9/93, celiac 1/02, pumping 10/02

email @ redacted wrote:

>I was wondering if any of you were using the BD Logic meter and how you liked 
>it.  Specifically, can anyone compare it to the Ultra and/or Freestyle meter?
>My local store is offering the Logic free this week with the purchase of 100 
>strips, and will also donate $10 to the JDRF, give you 100 free bonus Air 
> Miles, and a free box of BD lancets, for the $79 (Cdn) price of 100 strips.
>I see from the CWD site that it gets a very good write-up, but I'd appreciate 
>personal observations before committing to 100 strips.  When I bought the 
 >Freestyle I paid only $5, and didn't have to purchase the strips until I found
>out whether or not we liked it. Now that we have the replacement Freestyle 
>meter, it is working quite well, but it is too clunky to carry around and is 
> somewhat awkward to use. I love the Ultra and its carrying case which holds
 > lancets and pump batteries, but it sure doesn't suck up the blood very well.
>was spoiled by using the Elite initially after Claire's dx, it wicks up the 
>blood really well, but needs a larger sample size.   
>Barbara, Mum of Claire 9
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