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[IPp] Re: hospital - ketones

I'm relying on memory from my hospital childbirth days
here...heparin is used to flush out the luer lock in an IV. Did
she have a hep-lock (the IV can be removed and attached as
needed, but a cannula remains in place - when things are injected
into it they will flush it with saline or heparin afterwards - I
guess so the cannula doesn't get blocked)?

To get rid of ketones you need 2 things...water or other
non-caloric fluids (unless bgs are under 200) to flush them out
and extra insulin to shut off the ketone-making mechanism. Talk
to your dr about this to see how much extra insulin to give if
you aren't sure. For small or trace ketones you don't typically
need a lot of extra insulin. Did her site go bad or something to
cause the DKA? Glad she is doing better!

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