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Re: [IPp] Re: Judy Dunlap

> Well, this morning it has been one full day on the
> pump and her numbers are all over the place!  Lows and
> highs all over.  We go back for a follow up tomorrow
> afternoon and hopefully we will get her basal
> adjusted.  Its worse now than it has ever been!  I
> know its just temporary until we find the right mix of
> basal rates for her, but I was hoping it wouldn't be
> this bad.
> And to make matters worse, I missed her 3 am testing
> last night.  I feel so bad for that one.  I set the
> alarm after the 12:00 test and just didn't hear it go
> off, neither did hubby.  Luckily I woke up around 5:00
> am and check on her, she was a little high.  Enough of
> my rambTomorrowommorrow can only be better, right?
> Judy


Give it some time.  It WILL get better. but it will be a little harder since
she's got hormones to deal with too.

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