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[IPp] Re: Judy Dunlap

Well, this morning it has been one full day on the
pump and her numbers are all over the place!  Lows and
highs all over.  We go back for a follow up tomorrow
afternoon and hopefully we will get her basal
adjusted.  Its worse now than it has ever been!  I
know its just temporary until we find the right mix of
basal rates for her, but I was hoping it wouldn't be
this bad.

And to make matters worse, I missed her 3 am testing
last night.  I feel so bad for that one.  I set the
alarm after the 12:00 test and just didn't hear it go
off, neither did hubby.  Luckily I woke up around 5:00
am and check on her, she was a little high.  Enough of
my rambTomorrowommorrow can only be better, right?


> Judy Dunlap, my daughter Michelle, 12, dx'd 8/94 is
a new pumper.  We
> started saline on 11/15/02 and will start on insulin



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