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Re: [IPp] Disappointing A1C's

> Thanks Beverly,  I really needed to read a post like this one today!
> Amelia's A1C came in at 7.8 again and we have worked so very hard to
> get to 7 or below.  I looked at her records from 1 year ago, she
> grew 7 inches in one year and is starting to develop so we have
> stuggled to keep her level and adjusted basals almost every week. 

there really are no "good" or "bad" hbA1c's, just different.
That said, 7.8 is GOOD for a growing child. As she get's older, it 
may be higher due to wild fluctuations in bg's caused by hormones, 
growth, activity, etc..... Think what it might be with no pump. A1c's 
in the teens are not uncommon among kids her age. Lily's a1c's have 
gotten into the 8's a couple of times, but the flip side is that she 
has always had a "normal" life, been active in sports, has good 
grades, and does not have any psychological hang-ups from having 
diabetes. I'm happy, she's happy.

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