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[IPp] Disappointing A1C's

Thanks Beverly,  I really needed to read a post like this one today! 
Amelia's A1C came in at 7.8 again and we have worked so very hard to get
to 7 or below.  I looked at her records from 1 year ago, she grew 7
inches in one year and is starting to develop so we have stuggled to keep
her level and adjusted basals almost every week.  The flu shot made her
bgs high for atleast a week which didn't help but I guess if it prevents
the flu, it was worth it.  Amelia's doctor wants us to check her tester
against the hospitals tester for accuracy-might be part of our problem. 
She is using the Ultra-worth a try.  We will do 3 different tests and see
what happens.  Sometimes, no matter how hard we seem to try, that A1C
just doesn't cooperate.  I try to not think of it as our "report-card"
but it is difficult not to.

Cheri, Mom to Amelia, 9 (D 1-00, P 12-00) and Amanda, 15!


It is hard but A1C's are neither bad or good.....they just are.....use it
a tool  toward the care of your son......my daughter's is 7.7 and I am
pleased as it represents a lot of work and we are headed in the right
direction but the last one was 8.1 up from 7.8 and it is just a
was sick a few times and did a lot of growing during that time
has had D over five years and I have learned that the one thing for
is uncertainty.....also, if you have eliminated a lot of lows then the
will be a bit higher but *better* for his health......you are doing a
job, you are a good Mom......
  Beverly, Mom to Mary, 9 dx'd 97, pumping Animas, and Nick, 10



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