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[IPp] Tried the Lantus

Last night we tried the lantus on Jonathan.  I was up every hour or two
testing him.  He did great!!!  He stayed in normal range the whole night
with one episode of him creeping too low for my liking (although still
normal) he went from 13.9 (250) to 6.9 (124) in one hour so I thought that
was too much of a drop and gave him 1/3 cup of apple juice (which he drank
in his sleep).  I tested him in another hour and he was 7.8 (140).  I am
very pleased with the results.  He woke up at 4.3 (77).  We'll continue
testing him all day.  He had a normal breakfast with a normal bolus to go
with it and seems fine (we've not tested him yet).

I've read every article I could find on insulin Glargine and think that I've
got the structure of it understood just fine.  I spoke to our Endo about it
and even though she was not impressed (it is not approved in Canada yet) she
said that she is interested to hear the results and how it works for him.  I
was so sick of him jumping all over.  Hopefully we'll get some stability

I did find out that you give 0.3u glargine for every Kg.  I used that scale
and it was fine.  I imagine that Jon still had a bit of NPH in his system
from yesterday morning.  I feel better about all of this now that he's had
his first dose.

Thanks to everyone who lent us support with this.  It really means a lot to
us.  We truly wish we could be back to pumping here but until there is an
infusion that he can tolerate, there isn't much we can do.

Take care,

Susan - Mom to Julianna - 17, Danny - 16, Katrina - 12, Jonathan - 5 dx
08/00, pumping 03/02 - off the pump 09/02 due to allergies (started on
lantus 18/11/02!!) and Nicholas - almost 4!!!
Wife to Alan
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