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Re: [IPp] insulin being held?

Michelle one thing I might ask about and we've only been pumping for 3
months now so i'm definately not an expert at this by any means.. but were
you told about the unused insulin rule? If you have the book Pumping Insulin
bye John Walsh read chapter 13 really good. it takes about 3 1/2 hrs for a
bolus to work its way from the pump to your body and out of your system. So
if you are say checking your daughters blood sugars closer then two hours
apart and if she is high correcting without taking into consideration the
insulin left.. she will drop like a rock quickly. Hopefully someone with
more knowledge will help you as well.
mom to Heather 13, dxd 11/2/01 pumping Animas 8/1/02 Brian 7, Matthew 4 and
wife to Bill in MO
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