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[IPp] insulin being held?

We have been pumping for three weeks now, but new things keep happening to
us.  My daughter had a series of mild highs (all in the 200's) overnight.  I
bolused to bring her down twice with little change.  I didn't bolus the
third time, but she was in the same area at breakfast time.  2 hours after
breakfast she was 44.  Could the insulin from the earlier boluses been held
or trapped somewhere and suddenly all gone into her with the larger
breakfast bolus?

This was the second day of a site that seemed to be working fine and her
sites have been lasting 3+ days.

This has happened once before, where I couldn't bring down mild highs over a
long time and then boom, she goes low for no reason I could figure out.

For the most part switching to pumping has been fairly easy.  We were
already counting carbs.  Michelle is not happy with insertions, even with
emla.  But they are preferable to 4+ shots a day.  And we brought back the
sticker chart we used when she was first diagnosed last year.  That seems to
have helped too.

Pam Taynor
Mommy to Kristy 7 and Michelle 4 (dxd 10/01, pumping 10/02)
Raleigh, NC
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