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[IPp] Re: [OT] WhaHo

$1.29 matchbox cars?they are 99 cents here, kma

Greg Torkelson wrote:

>  So you guys managed to get riled up today.  That is always good for
> whipping off a few HUNDRED emails.  Been busy and it has taken me
> hours to get caught up.  Jo we don't hear from you for days and then
> pow!  We haven't been this active in weeks.  :-)  Sorry I missed an
> active day.  Mike, you okay? Cheri honey sorry you were pissed but
> glad Dana saw the light.  I knew he would.  I have a girlfriend whose
> dh is military and he gets all gung ho too.  She went running with him
> once and he kept saying "Dig In" as she was struggling to breath.
> Last time she ever ran with him.  lol  But I was just trying to
> help... Picked up dilutant (sp?) at the endo's yesterday.  Will start
> diluting tomorrow!!!!  :-)  Michelle be sure to let Tim know.  He'll
> wonder what the hell took me so long. M it was great fun to talk to
> you today but please leave my name out of any post with a teabagging
> reference.  LOL So other than being out $30 what can you tell us about
> the pump upgrade Sharon?  What do you think of it?  (Your experience
> tells me that my practice of bribing may get more expensive.  My $1.29
> matchbox car will be obsolete some day.) And Mich I can only imagine
> what wonderful photo you have of me from Westfest.  Darn, too bad you
> don't have a scanner.  lol E-Beth
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rt has them for .89.
ok, paradigm. it comes with a leather case, and a holster, like a cell.
steve loves the holster. he wouldnt bath with it tonite, much to my
dismay. there are things about it that are easier than the 508, some
things are a pain, or just stupid. the most fucked up thing, the buttons
are backwards. steve went to bolus, and he turned his pump counter
clockwise to see the buttons, the keypad was upside down. he has to turn
it clockwise now. (it may be the other way around). you would think that
with this giantupgrade program, and the number of paradigms that they
are cranking out, they would keep the way the keypad faces consistent
with their other pumps. also, there are a few addtl srteps to changing
the reservoir. i really dont like that you have only 60 seconds to
change the battery. and if you put the battery in the wrong way, you
need to start with a brandnew battery. then again, i love the fact that
it uses AAA batteries. they changed the cartridges, not sure i have an
opinion about them yet. i love the reservoir window. we didnt have that
on the 508. i like the scroll bar visual thingy (techinical terminolgy,
i apologize). i like that rather than fumble thru the screen on the 508
till you figure where what you want to tangle with is, if you arent
needing to bolus, or change a basal, EVERYTHING else is under utilities.
good im[tovement in my opinion. i do not like that everytime you change
the cartridge, you have to tell it that you are using U100 (or U50)
concentration. pain in my ass. the needle on the cartridge. that you
draw out of the insulin vial with. WTF is up with that. not only really
clumsy to maneuver, but so unecessary. i dont know what the design team
was thinkin' there. i love that there is availability for THREE basal
profiles. i can have one for school days, one for soocer days, one
for...... lazy weekend days. better than always setting te,mp basals. i
think its easier now to do dual/square waves. maybe that is because i
just started to use them. not sure. i like that you can set the "easy
bolus" at any amount you'd like. the 508 only did in 1/2 unit
increments. bolus history holds last 24 boluses. can you believe i dont
know how many the 508 held? i know about 30 people will tell me. lol
the paradigm has a lockout feature, as did the 508. i never used it,
never plan to, i have nothing inteligent to say about it.
ok, major complaint: LOATHE THE "CLEAR PUMP" OPTION. again... WTF were
they thinking? anyone, child or adult, could hit that by accident. there
go all your settings. the 508 didnt have anything like that. i think
medtronic/minimed decided to put that feature in for THEM, so when they
upgrade, or something & get these pumps back to refurbish for other
people, it is easier for them to clear the pump info. bullshit, the
paradigm @ needs to lose that ;-)
mind you, this is only from 10 hours observation. but you know how
opinionated i can be.

> So other than being out $30 what can you tell us about the pump
> upgrade Sharon?  What do you think of it?  (Your experience tells me
> that my practice of bribing may get more expensive.To unsubscribe from
> this group, send an email to:
> email @ redacted

Sharon, mom to Gabrielle 14 dx 5/98, MDI
and Steven 8 dx 7/00, pumping!!!
Brooklyn, New York
"Where's the #*&$ cure?"
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