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[IPp] Re: Update on Cannula Injury

In a message dated 11/8/2002 3:12:22 AM Pacific Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> Hubby was driving me crazy though today as his boss felt we needed to
> contact a lawyer!   Imagine that!
> Will let you all know if and how it comes out.

Hi Barbara,
       We all know that our child's health is the most important thing.  
However, seeing as your hubby is thinking about it, there are a couple of 
things I should mention.
       The price of the Quick-sets is high because there is a huge product 
liability insurance premium built into that price.  When Claire started 
pumping I told my brother about the price of some of the supplies; he is a 
design engineer and he said how the price of an item quadrupled if it was 
going to be used in something that the company could be sued over 
performance.  This insurance is intended for instances just like what has 
happened to Zachary.  
       A lawyer could have good insight into what is possible in a situation 
such as you are facing.  Sometimes things can be resolved with a few phone 
calls or letters.  Doesn't mean that you have to have any sort of court 
       Any sort of settlement can be construed as compensating Zachary for 
his pain and suffering as a result of the product failure and also for your 
costs involved.  There are costs involved with the extra time and attention 
Zachary needs for the medical appointments, your lost work time, hubby's lost 
time and attention to his work due to worry, transportation costs, etc.  
Also, you don't know right now what the long term effect of this will be, 
whether there will be any infection, long term scarring, etc. 
        So my advice is to not totally dismiss out of hand contacting a 
lawyer. You may want to take a photo of his leg and write a quick note about 
times, dates, who you have phoned for advice, etc.
   I do hope that Zachary will be alright and that the cannula can be removed 
quickly and painlessly.  Unfortunately, though it sounds simple, it may not 
be if it gets lost under the skin.  

Barbara, Mum of Claire 8
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