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Re: [IPp] how much lantus

> Does anyone know how much Lantus to give a child who uses a total of
> 9.5 units of NPH a day?  I have no idea and because it is not
> something that we normally use in Canada, I cannot really ask our
> DER or Endo for advice.  Jon gets 7 units of NPH in the morning and
> 2.5 at bedtime.  When do you normally give the lantus, morning or
> bedtime?

Medical advice is not something that should be asked for or dispensed 
via the internet. Others can tell you what works for them or their 
child, but everyone, particularly kids have differing insulin 
requirements. Your best bet might be a CDE or doctor at one of the 
larger clinics. Hopefully someone on the list can refer you to 
appropriate medical folks that can be of more help.

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