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[IPp] Re: One year ago today........LONG SRRY

Kerri writes:
> see your point but brain swelling (which is why you'd want to
> bring it down slowly) is only a concern in DKA (where
> dehydration, among other things, is present.) It is the shift in
> plasma osmolarity during rehydration etc that creates a problem,
> though it is not understood why brain swelling doesn't happen
> with everyone. If your child is not in DKA (and 70-80% of new dx
> aren't according to the latest stats presented at Endo 2002) then
> bringing it down slowly isn't necessary.

Quite some time ago, a CDE on the CWD site mentioned that bgs. should only be 
brought down at a maximum rate of 5 mmol per hour to avoid brain swelling 
(just under 100/hour on the USA scale).  I have the exact quote written down. 
 As Claire would drop very fast from a very small injection of regular, and 
later humalog, this statement worried me.  However, we did actually have an 
Endo for a short period of time, and I asked her about this.  She said, as 
Kerri has above, that it is only a concern when in DKA.  And good thing, 
cause Claire will drop from 25 to 5 in 90 minutes at times on the pump.

Barbara, Mum of Claire 8
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