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Re: [IPp] One year ago today........LONG SRRY

I see your point but brain swelling (which is why you'd want to
bring it down slowly) is only a concern in DKA (where
dehydration, among other things, is present.) It is the shift in
plasma osmolarity during rehydration etc that creates a problem,
though it is not understood why brain swelling doesn't happen
with everyone. If your child is not in DKA (and 70-80% of new dx
aren't according to the latest stats presented at Endo 2002) then
bringing it down slowly isn't necessary.

Take care, Kerri
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Sarah said:
My son was 683 when diagnosed
and I am not sure if he had ketones or not....but even in the
300's and with
ketones...how is it acceptable to have your child sent home and
not go to a
hospital for proper training AND so that the sugar level can be
brought down
to a safe level slowly and not in just one insulin injection.
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