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Re: [IPp] Irritated bottom

Yeast infections can come from all sorts of things, not just not wiping 
properly.  Both of my sons have had yeast infections.  My D son used to get 
them all the time because he was on antibiotics for respiratory infections 
and horrible ear infections.  The antibiotics destroy an enzyme in the 
intestine that takes care of yeast.  Also combined with an occasional high 
blood sugar he was very prone to yeast infections.  Every time that they got 
one it was on their bottom as well as the front.  But yeast infections are 
distinct (at least in young children).  There are raised bumps in a yeast 
infection.  Whereas if it is just irritated, it would be a general all over 
reddening.  A yeast infection needs a medication for it to go away.  Nystatin 
(sp?) is a popular one.  HTH


In a message dated 11/4/2002 8:43:41 AM Central Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> Hi Sybil,
>   Are you saying that her rash is on her bottom or on the vaginal area?
> If it is the vaginal area, by all means, do as Jana said.  Little girls can
> get yeast infections too.  My sisters daughter had one when she was 6.  
> Many
> times it's from not wiping properly after having a bowel movement (as in my
> nieces case).  If she wipes forward instead of to the side or back, a small
> amount of stool can get into the vagina, which will then cause an 
> infection.
> Little girls have to go by the same rules as women.  Another thing that may
> help is encouraging her to use a baby wipe after voiding.  They will clean
> the area much better.  Just tell her to throw it in the waste basket 
> instead
> of the toilet.  Even the flushable ones will eventually clog up a sewer 
> line
> if used continually (found that one out the hard way).
>   Do you discourage her from drinking an hour before going to bed.  That
> may help the nighttime wetness.
> Dianne, Mom to Johnny 10
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