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[IPp] Yuck - shots for the day

Well, it's now 5:30, been up since 4.  My son's pump alarmed again.  Did the
same yesterday and called pump support.  They said if it did it again call and
they'd send a new pump.  So now we have to wait for our new pump.  Should be
here within 24 hours.  Animas is great, so I'm sure it will be.  It's just
having to go back to shots, even for a little while, is well - yuck!  I did
just about panic when I couldn't find my son's basal rates that I had written
down, but I found them.  I thank whoever here mentioned writing them down just
in case.  Thank you.  I'd hate to have to basal test, and try to remember
right now.  So everyone - take a moment today to make sure you have those
basals written down - just in case!!!

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