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[IPp] Irritated bottom

Dear POP friends-

This may not be related to diabetes or pumping but I wondered if you all might
have some insight into this problem.  My little girl, Madison, is 4 1/2 and
has been pumping since July.  RIGHT before she started pumping she started
having a problem with "diaper rash".  She had never had a problem with this to
speak of.  The problem has continued till now.  The Dr. prescribed some
nystatin/triamcinoln cream.  This helped some but the rash keeps recurring.
She is still in diapers at night and has some problems with leaking of urine
or getting her panties a little damp during the day.  I encourage her to
always change to dry panties if she needs to and I try to check her diaper and
change it in the night if it is really wet.  But with 5 kids - 2 with
diabetes- somehow I don't get her bottom checked as often as needed.  I also
try to put on "Desitin" cream at night and even in the mornings.  This helps
if I am totally consistent with it, but I can't seem to keep the rash from
recurring.  It is quite bright red and irritated looking.  She really is
resisting my doctoring it lately and doesn't want me checking the rash.

I am wondering if it could be an allergic reaction to something she is eating
or drinking?  I really discourage orange juice for her because it is so high
glycemic but she is starting to drink it more and want it because the other
kids drink it.  Also, she drinks a LOT of sugar free lemonade (nutrasweet).
Maybe the citrus is irritating her?

If any of you have insights into this I would appreciate your help.  Thanks
and blessings-

Sybil Fisher   email @ redacted   mom to Morgan (son) -10 and pumping 1 1/2
years and Madison, 4 and pumping 4 months
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