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Re: [IPp] One year ago today........LONG SRRY

Some drs do everything as outpatient (70-80% of new dx aren't in
DKA so that may explain it) while some admit the patient, DKA or
not. I'm sure there are various factors involved in the decision
to admit or not, but it isn't necessarily a requirement.

Our daughter was admitted at dx almost 6yrs ago on Thanksgiving
Day (so our anniversary is just around the corner.) She was  put
in ICU overnight for mild DKA - she was pretty bad off, very
sick. I think her bg was something like 621 (not that high
compared to some, very high compared to others). She was
transferred via ambulance the next day to a larger hospital an
hour away, that could accomodate her diabetes treatment. She was
there for about a week. It took at least half that week just to
get the DKA resolved. The rest of it was training.

Rochelle, I have to comment on the dr's comment about your
daughter going comatose from the sugar dose. That is unlikely to
happen unless they are in severe DKA or HHNK, which it doesn't
sound like your daughter was (or they would've arranged immediate
transportation to a hospital). That is a common misconception,
even among some drs (especially if it is not a dr whose specialty
is diabetes.) Obviously they had insulin on hand and could've
corrected the high bg *well* before she ever got comatose (it
takes a long time for that to happen and most people get
treatment in a timely enough manner to avoid it). It takes more
than just the high bgs to make one comatose anyway (usually there
are a host of other things going wrong at the same time which
causes it, not just the bg itself). Just because a person has
'dr' attached to their name doesn't mean they know much or
anything about diabetes. It is a complex disease and unless it is
their specialty they typically aren't going to know that much
more than the very basics. Also, I want to apologize for the chat
last night. I noticed you came in right about the time I decided
to take a 1-2min peek at my inbox settings (my email wasn't
working for some unknown reason - all my settings somehow got
messed up). No one had come in for a while so I figured I'd be
safe. I'm sorry I missed you. I would've sent you an email but
alas, it wasn't working until after 9pm PST last night. *sigh* I
hope you try it again some time.

take care, Kerri
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