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Re: [IPp] Re: I don't get it

> The doctor decided
> >to, just about, doubled his basal rate and cut his ratio for his
> >meals in half.  
Well, we will see how things go on monday at school.  Jacob's morning basal 
was doubled, he still was high on thursday but on friday he was only 49 at 
lunch.  So, all in one day it seems that things have returned to the way they 
were.  His bs's at home have been great but he always requires more insulin 
at home becuase he is less active (too cold to go outside and there is no 
running allowed in the house ;o).  Hopefully this is all over.  I don't think 
that I could take another week with lunch numbers being in the 250-400 range. 
 On another note, I was up at 1:30, and 3:00 testing Jacob.  He was 99 at 
1:30 and 92 at 3:00.  I didn't want him to drop anymore so I gave him a temp 
basal of .0 for an hour.  I guess that was a big mistake.  He was 249 this 

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