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Re: [IPp] One year ago today........LONG SRRY

[Anyway, I have a question to see if I read this
right. Did you take Heather to the ER, they diagnosed her and sent you/her
home, the same night without any training? And no endo visit for 10 days?
That sounds criminal]

Mike.. No I had an appointment scheduled with our regular Dr. We had been
told that she would have to come in fasting. Her appt I believe was at like
8:30 in the morning. The town we live in doesn't have a hospital in it.. The
closest one is 35 miles away. I'm sure if we had went to Springfield to the
ER we would've been admitted. They do have a big diabetes educational center
in springfield and a whole wing in the hospital for diabetes patients. so
i'm assuming yes we would've been given more information had we went there..
but I was just going to the regular Dr to ease my conscience.. I didnt dream
they would tell me my daughter had diabetes. My Dr's office did give me lots
of information... I know they were really worried about me.. but truthfully
I was in shock so bad that it went in one ear and right out the other. They
did though neglect to tell me or show me the kinds of foods to eat.. that
was bad on their part. They did show me how to give Heather her shots.. how
to draw up the insulin. what I didnt know was what kind of range we were
supposed to be watching for .. she was I believe those 10 days over 250 to
300 all the time.. except for the morning she woke up at 39. We never
checked for ketones because we werent told about them... thank goodness she
didnt get sick and anything bad happen. I'll just say it was the worst 10
days of my life.. and I hope I dont ever have to experience this type of
thing ever again. Thanks Rochelle
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