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Re: [IPp] Re: I don't get it

> The last time I posted I posted in answer to Shanna who's son
> Jacob's insulin needs almost doubled.  My son was going through the
> same thing.  I had called his doctor and we thought that it was the
> site not absorbing.  We switched to the hiney area, and they came
> down for a couple readings (that's when I posted last).  Well, his
> numbers shot up again.  We went through all the checks on the pump
> again.  The doctor asked me if he was sick or if he had a tooth that
> hurt.  Every answer was no.  The only thing different, was he had
> grown 1/2 inch in the last 1 and a half months.  The doctor decided
> to, just about, doubled his basal rate and cut his ratio for his
> meals in half.  

Be careful about the ratio cut. If you detect a pattern of lows 3 or 
hours so after meals, this is a good indication that the ratio is 
to low. You can figure out the extra insulin by keeping track of the 
carbs necessary to bring up the low, then adjust the ratio 
accordingly to reduce the total bolus insulin. You needs lots of 
these readings, throwing out the really bizarre ones.


>He was still 465 at 12:00 midnight last night, but
> we hadn't made the change till 8:30pm.  His numbers during the day
> today have been good. Hopefully they'll stay good through the night
> tonight.
>    Everyone who thought puberty, was right, but I didn't realize
>    that he
> would need almost DOUBLE the amount of insulin that he had been
> taking!  So Shanna, I know what you're going through.  I wonder how
> long the need for this much insulin will be? 

I could be for a long time and increase again or it could taper off 
in a few weeks or less. Been There Done That.

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