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[IPp] Re: I don't get it

The last time I posted I posted in answer to Shanna who's son Jacob's
insulin needs almost doubled.  My son was going through the same thing.  I
had called his doctor and we thought that it was the site not absorbing.  We
switched to the hiney area, and they came down for a couple readings (that's
when I posted last).  Well, his numbers shot up again.  We went through all
the checks on the pump again.  The doctor asked me if he was sick or if he
had a tooth that hurt.  Every answer was no.  The only thing different, was
he had grown 1/2 inch in the last 1 and a half months.  The doctor decided
to, just about, doubled his basal rate and cut his ratio for his meals in
half.  He was still 465 at 12:00 midnight last night, but we hadn't made the
change till 8:30pm.  His numbers during the day today have been good.
Hopefully they'll stay good through the night tonight.
   Everyone who thought puberty, was right, but I didn't realize that he
would need almost DOUBLE the amount of insulin that he had been taking!  So
Shanna, I know what you're going through.  I wonder how long the need for
this much insulin will be?
Dianne, Mom to Johnny 10
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