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[IPp] One year ago today........LONG SRRY

Heather was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. About 3 weeks before this date
she had been drinking lots of water, going to the bathroom it seemed every
10 to 15 minutes, she was loosing weight but me as her mother who sees her
day in and day out didn't notice because Heather has always been tall and
skinny. I think I was in denial because Heather had been through enough in
her life that I knew she didnt need anything else to deal with. I truthfully
was clueless as to what diabetes was. I know I had been told because my mom
is hypoglycemic (low blood sugar) but she has never had to watch what she
eats and or never said much to any of us. I do know that my ex-husband is
type 2 but I didnt find this information out til after she was diagnosed,
and he has a grandmother that was type 1. Anyway the day I finally broke
down and made the appt for Heather to have a blood glucose test I only did
it to get my mom off my back. I was still dead set in my mind that nothing
was wrong with my little girl (she was 12 yr old at the time..almost 13)..
We go to the appointment, they take her back and first thing they do is have
her urinate in cup, and then prick her finger to check her blood sugar. I'm
not for sure what kind of meter they used because it must not have been very
quick because they went ahead and gave her the orange (yucky in my terms)
drink to her and Heather loved it..she was wanting more. They told us to go
wait in the waiting room and that they would check her sugar again in an
hour, and then once more at the two hr mark. We go out sit down and start
reading magazines. they had told us that if we wanted to leave and come back
we could.. but for some reason i said no i have nothing going on.. i'll
stay. There was one other lady and girl in the office at the time and now
that I think about it they were in there getting the same thing done that
Heather was... we didnt hear anything more about her because the next thing
we know.. we're being called back to the room. (only 5 maybe 10 minutes had
passed) we get in there and the Dr is in there and her face is white as a
ghost. I'm like is something wrong?? She said sit down. She said we are
stopping the test immediately. Heather has full blown type 1 diabetes. She
then came over and hugged me because by the look on my face she must've
known i was crushed. She then told us that her blood sugar was 385 and she
had ketones. And then the nurse came in with a shot and insulin bottle and
they said because her blood sugar is so high and we just gave her lots of
sugar... we are going to give her a shot so she doesn't go into a coma from
all the sugar. I'm really not for sure how I made it through the next two
hours.. My husband was at the house with the boys because he was getting
ready to go out on the truck that evening.  Her blood sugar came down I
believe but don't remember the number before they let us leave. I got home
and was really and my head was spinning. I had to go to the pharmacy for
insulin, meter, supplies.. that I truthfully had no idea how to work them
and or what to do, how often to test etc. But after I told my hubby the
news. He sat there picked up the phone called work and said I have to back
out on the load for tonight because my daughter was just diagnosed with
diabetes and I need to stay here tonight and help my wife.. she is kinda in
shock right now.. thank goodness his dispatcher was ok with it (we later
found out though that she wasn't... and he almost lost his job over it)
anyway we were not told what foods heather could eat, what she needed to
avoid anything. Our appt with the dietician and the endo didnt come til the
7th for the dietician and the 12th for the endo. So basically for those days
we would give the insulin that they started us on. humalog and nph. We were
only testing her blood sugar about 4 - 6 times a day because thats all we
were told to do. We weren't told she needed snacks. Well the morning of the
3rd we woke up tested heather at 7am and the meter read 37!!! I was freaking
bad.. They also had forgot to tell me what to do when she was low.. I didnt
know that I had to feed her to bring her blood sugar up. So the Dr's office
didnt open til 8:00 am and I went up there and waited at the door for them
to open up. After they opened I went in and said I need to talk to the Dr or
nurse fast.. they take me back and I told them what her blood sugar was and
they immediately brought in some juice and crackers. Man.. wish i had known
but anyway.. they then told me some more information and sent me on our way.
We finally got to go meet the dietition and we got a lot of questions
finally answered. We got a lot more information thrown at us plus they gave
us a free meter which was nice. We finally learned how to count
carbohydrates and they put heather on a 2500 ?? i think calorie diet and
when we left.. we kinda had a clue as to what was exactly going on with
heather and just how serious it was.
The next hurdle was meeting our endo on the 12th. Now this day was a very
hard day. Bascially because my 97 yr old grandmother who had been living
with my parents and was very dear to us passed away that morning. I was
beside her bedside with my parents and sister when she went.. but still I
had no desire to go to the endo and I wanted to call and cancel but my
parents told me that i needed to go for heather. so we went. I'm glad i did.
Our Endo is a wonderful lady. She went through our blood sugars and assured
us we were doing a good job and she adjusted her insulin and talked with
heather alot to let her know that this was serious and that heather needed
to take care of herself. She gave us phone numbers of office and told us to
call anytime and she would call us back, day or night. That really gave me a
good feeling. Not to many days after this appointment I found this list
while I was surfing the net for information about diabetes. I joined the
parents mailing list and I immediately began getting some wonderful
information day and night. I really thought it was great that if I ever had
a problem I could send an email to a group of people and within minutes
someone always replied back with an answer for me. I'll tell you all
truthfully here that when I told my parents I had joined this list they were
mad at me. They was like how can you take information from strangers. They
didnt realize that you are all parents that are sharing information that you
have all experienced at one time or another in your child's lifetime. I had
comfort with being on this list and I would never leave. You have helped me
through alot and to this I'm grateful. I hope to one day get to go to a CWD
conference. WE really want to go to Disneyland. My kids have asked and asked
over the years and we've never had the money to go.. but we are going to do
all we can to put aside money so we can go this year. Also the cruise sounds
wonderful. This is another thing i've wanted to do.. but then again not
enough money.. so we'll try. I'd love to meet some of you. Several of you
have became very good friends of mine and to that I want to thank you.. you
know who you are. Thanks for reading my post I know its long but once I
started typing.. I just couldn't quit.  I'm not for sure what we will do
today in celebration of the day. My husband is home but wont be all
evening.. he has to leave for St Louis.. and also the paycheck we were
supposed to get yesterday.. we didnt get.. turns out some paperwork didnt
get turned in in time.. so next week we'll get a bigger check lol.. which
doesnt help me at all this week when we got bills to pay.. oh well wont
dwell on that one.. thanks again to a wonderful group and I'll end this note
now. lol.. OH one more note lol.. we started pumping (because of this list)
in August and things have gotten so much easier. We love the flexibility of
her being able to eat what she wants to when she wants to and all she has to
do is push a few buttons to cover with insulin. Also another note since
Heather is now 13 almost 14 she does all her site changes and blood sugar
checks. So it really makes my life a lot easier.
Rochelle mom to Heather dxd 11/2/01 Pumping 8/1/02 with Animas, Brian 7 and
Matthew 4 wife to Bill in MO
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