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Re: [IPp] Omnipod Pump System


 We switched from Cozmo to the Omnipod for my 11 year old son Gabriel a few
months ago. It was the best thing we could have done. In the first week he told
me he doesn't feel like he has diabetes anymore!! He no longer gets stuck in his
tubing and when we do nighttime checks its so much easier! I was also nervous at
first being afraid he'd lose the pdm but at school after he tests and boluses,
and then he keeps it in the front pocket of his knapsack. He actually has less
chance of it being lost or broken during gym, recess then the old style pump. I
say if our daughter loved the dummy pod-then go for it! Make her proud that it
is her decision!

Good luck

Debbie Rothman

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Subject: [IPp] Omnipod Pump System

I have been looking into the Omnipod Pump System for my daughter (Elsye - 6
years old). We are currently pumping with an Animas Ping and really love it,
but the idea of less complicated infusion site changes, no tubing, and more
freedom of site  choice are all VERY appealing to us. We used their demo pod
for 3 days and Elsye LOVED it. On day three she told me that I needed to buy
that pump and get rid of the Ping. So, I'm feeling pretty confident in a
decision to switch, especially because the cost of switching is so
incredibly low, but I was wondering if anyone here has experience with this
particular pump. They are relatively new to the market so real user feedback
would be great, especially parents of T1 kids.

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